My girlfriend wants me to do freaky things


September 08, 2016

Dear Pastor

I have a problem. I am 30 years old and my girlfriend is 27. She went abroad and since she has been back, she wants me to do some freaky things.

When I objected, she told me it is time for me to change. She never used to fool around my anus; now she is playing with my anus and going down on me.

I talked to a counsellor and he told me that my girlfriend is a modern-day girl, and if I am not kinky like her, I will lose her. So I am writing to you for your advice.

J. A.

Dear J. A.

I suggest that you end the relationship with this modern girl. You don't have to do the kinky things that she wants you to do.

The anus is never totally clean. I know what you mean when you say she is going down on you.

I believe that you are talking about oral sex, but she is going beyond that, so I would suggest that you stop trying to figure out what is right from what is wrong. End the relationship and move on.


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