She'd leave her church before leaving me


September 08, 2016
The Holy Bible

Dear Pastor,

I am 25 years old. I have a girlfriend; she is 23. She goes to church. I go with her sometimes but I am not a Christian.

One day I went with her to church and the pastor was preaching, and he kept staring at me and was saying "Repent!" Every time he said that my girlfriend touched me.

When it was time for the altar call, one of the ladies came and was prompting me to go forward but I didn't.

My girlfriend has been going to that church from she was a child; the pastor told her that she cannot marry me because we are "unequally yoked" and I am an "unbeliever".

My girlfriend told the pastor that she would rather leave the church than leave me. I have supported my girlfriend all along.

We will get married when we are ready but we will not do so to please anybody. When she was suffering and her mother could not pay her bills, no one from the church asked how they were doing. I had to take over.

I was "unequally yoked" and yet I was paying the bills and nobody from the church was helping.


Dear C.K.,

It is true that the Bible speaks about being unequally yoked. Some people interpret that to mean that a Christian should not date anyone outside of his or her denomination. Others believe that a believer should not date an unbeliever, nor should they get married. Perhaps the church that your fiancEe attends takes a narrow view of what unequally yoked means. The Jehovah's witnesses, for example, teach that anyone who is not a Jehovah's Witness is an unbeliever. Others who worship on a Saturday believe that you should only date Sabbath keepers. This lady and you should meet with her pastor and discuss your relationship. Don't hold anything against him, he means well. Perhaps by talking to him, both of you will see eye to eye and you may get a better understanding of the meaning of "unequally yoked", and the pastor may come to realise why your fiancEe told him that she would rather leave the church than leave her boyfriend.


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