My father almost caught me and my boyfriend


September 17, 2016

Dear Pastor

When Iwas 21 years old and living with my parents, my boyfriend used to visit me when he believed my parents were sleeping. They used to retire to bed at nine every night.

My boyfriend would come about 10:30 at nights and I would let him in through the back door.

We had an understanding that if he saw lights in my room he should not come, but if there were no lights and the curtain was half-drawn, he should text me and I would open the door.

One night we thought my father was sleeping, so I opened the door and my father heard when boyfriend and I were in bed.

My father knocked on my door but I didn't answer. My father started to talk loud, asking me who I have in the room. My boyfriend quickly got up and put on his clothes and left.

My father called my mother and told her that I brought man in his house. I told my mother that was not true, and that I was in deep sleep when my father was calling me.

My father told me to leave but my mother objected. My boyfriend never came back to the house until I invited him to meet my parents.

My father and husband are now the best friends. Nothing was ever said about what we used to do to have sex. When I remember the risks we took, I laugh.


Dear M.B.,

Men take risks when they want to be with their women. Your man could have lost a limb.

I am happy to hear that this man married you and I wish the both of you every success.

Take care of each other.


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