Wife won't feed me good food


September 17, 2016

Dear Pastor

Greetings to you and your staff. I must congratulate you for the good work you are doing. I am hoping that you can help me.

I am a married man, but I have lost trust in my wife. We do not have any children. My doctor told me that I have low sperm count. He told me what to eat to build up my sperm count.

However, my wife is not assisting me. She does not want to give me the type of meal I should have. She is always grumbling and complaining that I am not a good man and that I have no use.

We used to have a wonderful sex life, but now the sex is rare. When I get a little sex, I am glad.

I respect my wife, but I know she is unhappy. She has two of her nieces living with us. I don't like them around, but I can't say anything because they take the place of having her own children.

Pastor, what can I do?


Dear S.B.,

What has your wife done for you to lose trust in her? Do you mean that she has not done her part like cooking the type of meals you should enjoy?

Is it possible for you to learn to cook your own meals sometimes? I suggest that from time to time you do your own cooking.

Perhaps your wife is frustrated and operating under stress. So do not accuse her of unfaithfulness or anything like that.

The doctors have told you what to eat to raise your sperm count, so you should try to follow their advice.

If you were to go online, you would discover that there are certain foods that men with low sperm count are allowed to eat. Kindly do so.

You did not give your wife's age. If she is about 40, perhaps you should not be thinking of impregnating her.

Both of you should consider adopting a child and show that child all the love you can find.

You will feel better and your wife might not be totally satisfied, but that child would become your own.


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