Jcan girl trying to take away my American man


September 20, 2016

Dear Pastor,

Good morning to you. Keep up the good work you are doing.

I am having this problem for the last six years because of this woman in Jamaica who is having an affair with my with my American husband. I will not stand anymore crap from the both of them!

I just want to let her know that nothing he said to her is true. He is a liar, he is playing games with her and it seems like she loves the games he is playing with her. I met this man 20 years ago.

We were social friends for a while and we have been married for 12 years. We corresponded by letters and phone calls for two years and in the third year, he visited me in Jamaica for the first time.

We started a serious relationship and every three months he would come home to me.

Every Christmas he came and we celebrated New Year's Eve together. We got married and I migrated to the United States of America in 2007, we were so happy together.

We were building a house in Jamaica, so he went to work on it. He went by himself; I couldn't make the trip with him.

In April 2010, he went back to Jamaica and he met a woman at the Spanish Town shopping centre. She teaches at a high school in Spanish Town and lives somewhere in Kingston.

She took him home the same day.


When he came back to the States, I found her phone number and I called her. I described my husband to her and she admitted that they met and slept together.

She told me I must not blame her, I must blame my husband.

I will not shut up anymore, whenever he goes back to Jamaica and sleeps with her and comes back to the States things get worst, but this time the world will know how I am feeling about her.

She will not get him! The same way I found my man, she should go and do the same thing I did to get myself an American man. You should be ashamed of yourself, woman.

Please, Pastor, I await your reply.


Dear J.A.,

You are trying to use my column to talk to this woman. You are threatening her. You should be speaking to your husband about his conduct.

Evidently, he throws money around whenever he comes to Jamaica. I doubt very much that this woman would want him if he didn't have the greenback.

You say that this lady should do what you did to get a man. What unusual thing did you do to get this man?

Surely if you tied him, it is not working anymore. Whatever is happening you should not blame the woman, because you do not know what this man is telling her.


Perhaps he told her that he was going to divorce you and marry her or that he has found some serious faults in you and he cannot continue to live with you.

The next time he is planning to come to Jamaica, accompany him and both of you try to meet with the woman.

But please, do not come to Jamaica to beat up the woman, she may give you a good trashing instead.

If your husband has nothing to hide, he would not be afraid to tell you where she can be found. You may need help of a family counsellor.

I further suggest that if you want to keep your husband, spend a lot of time in prayer.


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