In prison and seeking a woman


September 21, 2016

Dear Pastor,

Let me start by saying, God bless you and thank you for the spiritual values you have shared in your walk with God.

I am doing time in the US, and for the past few years I have been reading your articles in THE STAR. God has blessed you with the power and understanding to show people the way.

I know I am in a bad spot, but I am trying to make the best I can of it.

As I look at the world, I just might be in the best spot. I live around criminals; but then, who are criminals?

I remember walking and driving on the streets and seeing people day to day not knowing their true character, not being able to distinguish an individual's action.

Now I am in a category with a label, and being in this category and having this label gives me an opportunity to see things as they truly are.

Jesus says, "I am of this world but am not from the world." In so many words, it is like I am living in a hotel; the hotel is in a place and I am in a hotel in a next place. One true fact about prison is that it is a lighthouse and monastery to those living in the light as a monk, a time away from God.

I mean from sunrise to sunset. When you have nothing to do and no one to talk to, God becomes the only light you can see.

I understand that people in the world have so much things going on. From time to time they open their eyes, even those who keep God within - at some point you become blinded with the light of the world. So many things happen from time to time before your eyes.


In the name of religion people say, "I love God," lying to God face to face. When I read your articles, it shows me the colour of the minds of this world - some people do not know what they want, and most just need love.

I am one of those persons right now, after studying with the dictionary all day and sometimes all night for the last 14 years.

Pastor, as a man of God in your studies, you know that God created this world on an axis of balance and on this scale of life. I am writing with no foundation.

I need a Jamaican woman, one who knows the comings and goings and the struggles in life. What it means to face difficulties, one who needs motivation, someone to talk to, someone to uplift in spirit as a friend.

I am 41 years old. God is good in all things. A door will open for you to write me back with a yes or no at this point in my life.

I am also on my way, within the next 120 days, to a camp. My brother, this is the colour of my mind with God.


Dear P.B.,

I wish sometimes when you men are writing from prison, that you would tell us why you are serving time in prison.

You have written a long letter, but apart from telling us that you are trying to serve God, you haven't said anything about your background and why a woman should show interest in you and would want to correspond with you, or even marry you after you have left prison.

Your letter is impressive. I will contact you if women are interested in corresponding with you.


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