Seeking a pleasant man


September 22, 2016
@Normal:Keep working on building a committed relationship.

Dear Pastor,

First, I must say that I read your column every single day and I see where you have helped thousands of people. My problem is that I am 60 years old and I am lonely most of the time. I have three children - two of them are living in America and my daughter works in Montego Bay. My granddaughter, who is three years old, is living with me.

I would like to meet a male who is 50 years old or over for companionship, and he must be someone who loves children. I own a small shop and I am living on my own property. I would like to meet a male who is pleasant. I don't want any cantankerous man. Thank you Pastor.


Dear L.B.,

I am glad that you are operating your own business and that you are not depending on a man for support. I know there are men who are looking for good women like you, and I hope that you would indeed find a man through this medium. I wish you every success.


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