Proud of sleeping with my niece's man


September 23, 2016

Dear Pastor.

I am 35 years old and my boyfriend is also 35 years old. Since I was 16 years old, I have never had one man in my life. I always had more than one.

I have always had the desire to try out different guys. I had a boyfriend who found out that I used to cheat on him and he promised that he would pepper me. He told me how he would do it so I left him.

But before I left him, I had sex with one of his friends. His friend talked about our relationship and my ex-boyfriend called me and described me as a whore.

The girls in my office always accuse me of trying to take their boyfriends. I am good at what I do.

My niece came to Jamaica with her boyfriend to attend a wedding and they stayed with us. I did not go to work on the Friday and the wedding was on the Saturday.

My niece went to do her hair, and her boyfriend stayed home. I told my niece that when she was finished doing her, hair she could call me and I would pick her up.

When her boyfriend woke up, he put on his shorts and a sleeveless shirt. I told him he was looking sexy and he told me I was looking sexy too. Before the day ended, we had sex. I told him that it was just between both of us.

My niece saw that I was paying a lot of attention to him, and one time she said to him, "That is my aunt, why are you looking at her so much?"


When they went back to America, this guy kept calling me. He and my niece eventually broke up.

Now he wants us to get together. My mother and my sister say he should not come back to our house.

My niece said I was part of the reason why they broke up. I do not feel guilty because my niece is a young girl and she should know how to hold her man.

I only had sex with this guy twice. He is a university student, but his parents have money. Why should my niece allow him to get away from her?

I am not discouraging him from visiting me, as we can always go to a hotel. My niece called me a slut, and I told her that if she were in Jamaica I would rip her in pieces.

Pastor, you may condemn me, but I can't stay with one man too long. I have a man friend and he is 55 years old and we have been friends for 10 years.

He is the only man that I stayed with so long and that is because he understands me. I sleep at his apartment when his wife is abroad, he gives me everything I want, he is a careful man and he doesn't condemn me.

That man has never had sex with me without using a condom. He calls me sugar. His wife knows me, but she does not know that we are having sex.

He bought the car that I am driving. The only time I go to his house is when his wife is not there. I don't intend to get married.

My aim now is to get my own house. I have my own business and it is doing well. I am not asking you to tell me what to do, I just want you to know that some of our women are not fools. Men think they are smart, but we are smarter. Money is what I want, and that I can get from the smartest man.


Dear M.R.,

I can see why your niece called you a slut. I am not saying that she should have done so, but I do understand.

She cannot be proud of you. She and her boyfriend stayed at your house and you threw yourself at him and were able to get him to have sex with you twice in a short space of time.

You believe that you are smarter than men and that you can get any man. Well, from the way you are carrying on, it appears that way, but you have forgotten that some men are very vicious and they do crazy things when they realise that they have been used.


Don't forget that one of your boyfriends said he would pepper you. May I say that 'pepper' can be used figuratively, but men sometimes use natural pepper in women's underwear. So you are quite correct in running from this man.

You say you don't want to get married. Evidently, all you want to do is use men and get all the money you can from them. But, lady, that is not a good thing to do. If you continue with that life, you may meet your Waterloo. You have no pride, and your morals are bad.

Your niece is going to hate you, and she will never have any respect for you. The kind of life you are living, you shouldn't be proud of. You should not encourage your niece's ex-boyfriend to come back to Jamaica and stay with you.


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