My girlfriend has a toe fetish


September 26, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 24 years old and I have a girlfriend who is 27 years old. She is not from Jamaica. From the first time I saw her, I fell in love with her and she fell in love with me. She has two children; I do not have any. I went to spend a night with her at the hotel she was staying and she spent like an hour and a half eating my feet. I tried to tell her that it was not hygienic, but she wouldn't listen. After a while, I tried to relax and let her have her way. I didn't understand why when we went to bed she went to the bathroom and came back to bed with a rag. It was after she started to nibble on my toes that I understood what was going on. It was the first time I had anybody licking and sucking my toes.

At one time, I was so turned on that I thought I was going to have an ejaculation. This woman is fun loving. After dealing with my toes, she went after another part of my body. I thought I was going crazy. She is the first woman that I have ever kissed after having my toes in her mouth. I did not want to kiss her and she asked me whether I was scorning her. Pastor, do you think that what she did was healthy? I would like to get your opinion.


Dear V.G

This woman was trying to turn you on by sucking your toes. This is a fetish of hers. It was an experience that you will never forget. I cannot encourage this type of practice, but some would say that nothing is wrong with it. Why should a woman be sucking a man's toes for such a long time and then suck other places of the body? I am not condemning anybody; people do weird things. I suppose nothing is wrong with it if the toes are clean and not cheesy, but as a counsellor, I wouldn't recommend anybody to practise that. This woman went from your toes right up to your mouth; you enjoyed it so much that you almost ejaculated. I repeat, I am condemning anyone who does that. I suggest you raise the matter with a medical doctor. The bottom line is that if two people love to do this thing, it is between them. But I repeat I am not recommending it or encouraging anybody to do so.


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