Elderly persons need sex too


October 14, 2016
Elder couple

Dear Pastor,

Sex is a very healthy activity. Women and men who are older have every right to enjoy themselves if they are feeling horny.

I have had a few flings with older guys, and they were fantastic lovers. I think women over 60 should have loads of sex. It's the best thing ever. It's the best health care that doctors recommend.

Reading one's Bible and prayer cannot be seen as a substitute for sex. We are living in a new day and age.


Dear V.,

I have said on numerous occasions that both men and women who are in good health can have sex.

I know a couple who is over 80 years old and they got married and were enjoying sex despite their age.

Couples in that age group appreciate each other more than when they were young.

It must be understood that a woman may have the urge as a senior citizen, and so does a man, but they learn to control themselves if they are single and are Christians.

In some senior-citizen homes, they have found that the seniors were having unprotected sex, and as a result, some of them became infected with STIs.

So senior citizens need to be very careful, and if they are going to engage in sex, they should be sure to protect themselves.


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