Don't want to leave my children's mother


October 18, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am presently in a relationship, but I am confused. Life is very rough at times with me.

My sister, who is 10 years older than I am, wants to help me. She is living abroad. She has a friend. This woman is 15 years older than I am, and she and I have been corresponding. She sends me picture of herself. She is white. This would not be a business marriage, as she says she loves me.

My problem is that I am living with a woman and we have three children. She is working and I am doing a little farming. Pastor, when I see how she is taking care of me and the children, it is hard for me to say yes to this white woman.

My sister called me a fool. She said that this woman could help me and I don't want good.

Whatever advice you give, I will accept. My children's mother doesn't know that I am talking to this woman.

F. D.

Dear F. D.,

Stay with your children's mother. She has been a good woman. She has been playing her motherly role and giving you love and affection.

Don't destroy your relationship with your children's mother. You are not starving.

If your sister is so concerned about you, she could offer to help you by sending your children to school.

She should not be encouraging you to leave your woman and children and start a new life in another country with a woman you have never even met.

So tell your sister that you appreciate her concerns for you, but you prefer to stay in Jamaica with your humble woman and that you would accept anything she can do to help your children.


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