My girlfriend fooled me for two years!


October 21, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I have been in love with a woman for two years. She told me that she has four children, but none of them was living with her. She was from the country but doing domestic work in Kingston.

For nearly two years she would not give me the exact address where she was from.

One day she was visiting me and she forgot to turn off her phone and I found text messages from a certain number.

I quickly wrote the number down and looked at some of the messages and realised that this woman was fooling me all along. She has a man in the country and that is why she couldn't take my daughters with her.

Although she was working, Pastor, I gave her $4,000 very week. Can you imagine that? I could not keep what I found to myself. I asked her about it and she was stunned. She turned her anger at me and said that I should not have gone through her phone. She is trying to say that the other man was there before me, so it is not a big deal.

It is a big deal to me. I am hurt.

J. E.

Dear J. E.,

End the relationship with this woman. She told you that she didn't have a man. She was getting money from you. She lied to you. She cannot be trusted.

I know that you are angry, but make sure you do not touch her. Don't give her a cent more. She is not a good woman.

Turn away from her. Right now she is probably laughing at you. Run her.


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