Will my boyfriend's penis get bigger?


October 24, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 16 years old and my boyfriend is 17 years old. My father didn't care about me.

My mother has seven of us. So I used to stay with my aunt, but when I was 15, my aunt's boyfriend had sex with me. My aunt suspected and asked me about it. I told her "No, it didn't happen". She told me that I was a liar because she asked her boyfriend and her boyfriend admitted it.

I did not know she was tricking me and that she did not ask her boyfriend anything. When she told me I was a liar because her boyfriend admitted it, I didn't know what to do, so I told her the truth.

She told me that I had to leave because as her niece I shouldn't have had sex with her boyfriend. He was always asking me to have sex with him and I kept saying no until I got fed up and gave it to him.

I don't know if my aunt saw blood on my underwear or what, but she knew that I had sex and it was with her boyfriend.

I had to go back home to my mother. My aunt told my mother that I was trying to take away her man, so she couldn't keep me any longer and I told my mother the truth.

I am planning to be a journalist. My boyfriend shares his allowances with me. He can afford to do so. I love him very much. I can have sex with him anytime because my mother doesn't watch me.

He has a very large penis. It is bigger than my aunt's boyfriend's penis. He always has a condom. I am wiser now. Both of us go out. His mother is a higgler. She sells in the market.

I went to the market with him and he introduced me to her. I felt special. I know he loves me. We are still in school.

I can't talk to any other boy and let him see. He is very jealous. Do you think his penis will get any larger? I hope it wouldn't.

I am glad I am not living with my aunty anymore. She prefers her boyfriend over me.


Dear J.D.,

You speak as a grown woman. Your aunt's boyfriend has made you a forced ripe woman. I believe what you have said. He was interested in having sex with you for a long time and when he approached you for sex you should have reported him to your aunt, but you didn't.

Unfortunately, you yielded and your aunt suspected it, questioned you about it and threw you out.

This 17-year-old guy who is your boyfriend, gives you money and you feel very comfortable with him.

You are surprised at the size of his penis. You don't have to worry whether his penis would get bigger.

You make sure you try and go to school. You would like to be a journalist. Work hard, pass your exams and then go to university. You have a bright future ahead of you if you focus on your lessons and encourage your boyfriend to do the same.

I would only hope that if this guy and you are determined to have sex, use a condom.


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