Woman trying to give me a 'jacket'


October 24, 2016

Dear Pastor,

This wicked Christian woman has a daughter who is sleeping with three different men and wants to give me a jacket.

They refused to grant me a DNA test and they have migrated to another Caribbean island without allowing me to see the baby.

It is two years since I have seen the baby. It seems like they want to take my life so that I would keep quiet. She has police and soldier friends, and I think the child belongs to one of them.

I want to get back my money. They are guilty of fraud because they took my money and I haven't seen the child.

Every night seems like hell. She wants me to have a relationship with her, but she has many other men, including a white man she met where she is now living.

That man has money. I need a DNA test to prove if I am the father. That is why they are not allowing the child to visit with my family on holidays.


Dear Unnamed,

You are making a lot of accusations. I suggest that you speak with an attorney-at-law. He or she is the appropriate person to deal with this matter.


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