I hardly have sex


November 02, 2016

Dear Pastor

I would like to ask one question. Is there a thing called 'too much sex'?

Please don't take it the wrong way. It has been a while I haven't had sex with my boyfriend. However, I was just wondering if I am being cruel to myself because I hardly have sex or if I should do it more.


Dear D.A.,

I suppose one can overdo a good thing. There are women who demand sex from their men every night before they go to sleep. This might surprise you, but some men are literally afraid to go to bed. And then there are men who also want sex every night and they will do so not only once per night, but several times for the night. Sometimes the women are so tired that they just lie there in bed and let the men carry on until they ejaculate and fall asleep.

I strongly suggest that you and your boyfriend get married. It would be interesting to hear what your boyfriend would say in response to your letter. I have observed that you have not had sex in a while with your boyfriend. Are you having sex with other men? I hope not. If your boyfriend and yourself truly love each other, both of you should discuss marriage plans and get married.


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