I found a woman's thong in my husband's pants pocket


November 16, 2016

Dear Pastor,

My husband and I have been married for three years. We do not have children. He is 24 years old and I am 23. I am puzzled over a problem. I was doing the laundry and I was searching my husband's pants pockets. That is something I do all the time before I put them in the wash. My husband was sleeping. To my horror, when I pushed my hand in the back pocket of his pants, I felt something so I pulled it out. It was a woman's thong. I woke him up and asked him what it was doing in his pocket. He said he did not know how it got in there.

I believe my husband is cheating, and he put the woman's underwear in his pocket and forgot that it was in there. I swear that if he is cheating on me, I am going to cheat back on him. I want to know the truth, pastor.


Dear M.I.,

Your husband knows the owner of the thong. He must. How did it get into his pants pocket? Did the woman put it in there for safekeeping or did he put it in there? Did the woman wilfully leave it there so that you would find out that he is cheating? Did he go to her house and have sex with her? If they had sex at some other place, wouldn't she have missed it? I don't know. If she was responsible for putting her underwear in his pocket, she might have done so wilfully.

Whatever might have happened, just bear in mind that your husband is not telling you the truth. That thong could not get into his pocket on its own. I suggest that both of you go see a family counsellor and discuss this problem.


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