Good manners are important


November 22, 2016
The Bible

Dear Pastor,

Good manners, education, and money are all important, but without good manners, the other two are of little to no effect because without good manners, no one will employ you.

And even if they do, you would not be there for long. People with money are respected, especially by children, and they are looked upon as role models.

But if these individuals are not well-mannered, this can be very alarming for the society because the children will then think it is the norm and develop the negative qualities.


Dear R.,

Perhaps you are quite correct, but it is not only children who will respect a person who has wealth. Adults may respect them, too. But money is not enough to gain the respect of others.

Having good manners is more powerful than having money. Good manners will open opportunities that may be closed to the man with his wealth.


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