Assaulted by my boyfriend's brother


November 26, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I was sexually assaulted by my boyfriend's brother.

It has left me in a depressive state of mind. My boyfriend, who lives in the United States, sent a phone for me with his brother's wife.

His brother and I made plans to meet to collect the phone. He called, asking directions to my house. He came and the phone was delivered.

We chit-chatted for a bit. The conversation then went on to talking about a party nearby. To cut things short, he said he would be going on the road, so if anything, he would let me know. Later, he texted, asking if I wanted to roll with him later but not too late. I said sure.

We went to a bar. He asked what I was drinking, I told him nothing alcoholic as I couldn't drink; my head was light. He ordered two alcoholic drinks. I poured half in my cup and sipped.

I told him I was not going to drink my other half because I was already feeling drunk. He poured the other half in my cup, and out of boldness, I just drank it.

Jesus, I could feel my head spinning! We left. I didn't feel well. He said we were going to make another stop. I said I only needed water. And he said he had water in the car.

He reached for it and handed it to me. I tried pulling it, but my hands were failing me, so he pulled it for me. I drank it.

I know that after that, we stopped at another bar. I can't tell if I drank anymore. I can remember throwing up in the previous bar. He held me up and took me to the car because at that point, I could hardly see or stand straight on my own.


We left and he was trying to touch my breasts and kiss me. I told him to stop and tried removing his hand, but he persisted.

I passed out, and the only thing I can remember after that is vomiting over my toilet with him holding me up by my arms while on my knees. He then assisted me to the bed.

At that point I realised I was butt naked, and he was next to me, naked, too. I can't describe how weak I was. He came on top of me, opened my legs and forced himself inside me. I tried pushing him off, telling him to stop, but he didn't.

And he left. I was terrified at that point, but I managed to get some charge as the plug was next to my bed and I lay down. Then I got the phone to work and started texting my boyfriend.


Dear J.R.,

If indeed what you have written is true, this man evidently drugged you and raped you. And it is so very sad because he knew that you were his brother's fiancEe.

This man should have been tried, arrested, and sentenced to prison. He should not be walking on the road free. This is atrocious behaviour!

I wish you had said what help you got from the police and what your fianceE said after you told him about your ordeal.

I wish you the very best. I hope that you will receive justice.

I hope also that your boyfriend will not abandon you or blame you in any way for what had happened.

Please make an appointment to see a therapist. You need that therapy.


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