He is being pressured into having sex with another man


November 28, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I read THE STAR every chance I get. I have a problem and I want your advice on how to solve it.

My problem is with a married woman. She has been trying, for the past 13 years to get me to have sex with a homosexual man. I am a 29-year-old man. This woman has failed in every attempt she has made to get this man to have sex with me. She is desperately trying.

She got a man to have sex with her husband, and another man to have sex with her son. Further, this woman got a man to shoot and kill her daughter because her husband told her that the girl was not his child.

This woman got a woman to steal my laptop and a bag with my identification. She has tried to get me to rape and kill her daughter. She wanted me to go to prison and she believed that if I went to prison, men would have sex with me.

Please, I am asking you to help me to get back my laptop and bag from the police.


Dear O,

I have had to delete some of what you have written because you have called the names of individuals and you have made serious accusations against them. I cannot verify what you have said. In fact, what you have written can be described as libelous.

Some of the things you have said are very weird. Why would a woman, for over 13 years, try to get a homosexual man to have sex with you? Are you a homosexual? You did not state what kind of relationship this married woman and you are having.

What would be the purpose of you having sex with a homosexual man?

You say also that this woman got a man to have sex with her husband. Are you trying to say that this is her job? And another man to have sex with her son. Boy, this is weird! If you are not interested in having sex with any man, this woman can't force you to do so. So what is the big argument?

If you have information that this woman caused the death of her own daughter, you should take the matter to the police.

You need to take your story to a lawyer if you feel that you are being denied justice. You sound like a troublemaker. If I am wrong, may God forgive me!


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