He took my virginity, now he disrespects me


December 01, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 23 years old and I presently have a boyfriend. We became friends two years ago. I left my parents home and went to live with him as a virgin.

And after sleeping with him for the first night, my virginity was gone. He told me that we could have sex and I will still remain a virgin.

I told him that he should go ahead and as he entered my vagina, I knew my virginity was gone. When I asked him about it, he said he was only joking.

I am now pregnant and we are always having arguments. He is always telling me that I should go back to my parents.

He has other girlfriends. They call him at the house and when I answer, they disrespect me. This man does not know his age. He is 41 years old and still fools around schoolgirls.

I used to love him, but I don't love him anymore because he has too many women. Sometimes I am here all alone. Pastor, please give me your advice.


Dear G.S.,

Well, you are very naOve to believe that as a virgin, you could have sexual intercourse with a man and still remain a virgin.

This man told you so, but after you had sex with him, you realised that you were not in the same condition before having sex. He said he was only joking with you.

My, my, he must have been joking for true, but you did not accept it as a joke.

I don't think that you were silly. Perhaps you were so sheltered or ignorant that you really accepted what this man said. I wish you well as you prepare to have your baby.

Make sure you go to the clinic and make sure also that you follow the advice of your doctors.

Unfortunately, this man does not respect you, that is why he is always telling you to go home. He is not behaving as if he loves you either.

As soon as you have had your baby, get yourself a job. This relationship might not last. You need to be in a position to support yourself.

You should learn to read more because from the tone of your letter, your knowledge is very limited.


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