His penis is too big


December 01, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 25 years old and I have a boyfriend. I met him in college. I really love him. He asked me to marry him because his father is a pastor and he grew up in the church.

I grew up in the church, too. He told me the truth. He said that when he was 19 years old, he had sex for the first time with the helper and she was a big woman.

One night while his parents were in bed, he came home from school and went into her room and they had sex.

For one whole month they had sex every week until his father saw him coming out of her room, and he could not give his father any good reason why he was in her room.

His father told his mother that he was in the helper's room and she asked the helper what he was doing there and she said nothing important. They fired the helper.

He wants to dedicate his life back to God and that is why he is anxious for us to get married.

My reason for writing to you is for you to advise me because he is very tall and he has a very large penis and every time I have sex with him, I end up feeling pain.

We don't attend the same church, but he told my pastor that he would love to marry me. I cannot tell my pastor that we are having sex because he would put me on discipline.

So please give me your advice.


Dear N.S.,

I am going to suggest that you should not be afraid of his large penis and therefore end the relationship with him.

I believe that, in time, you would be able to deal with his 'largeness' with much ease and comfort. And you might even be glad that he is well-endowed.

You may wish to discuss this matter with a medical doctor. But what I am trying to say to you is that you should not be worried about the size of this man.

This man and you would have to take things very slow when you are preparing to make love. Foreplay is very important in lovemaking.

Another thing to consider is position. You have to learn what position will suit you best. Embrace that position and run with it, so to speak, until you are able to make love comfortably with this man.

I am not prepared to tell you what position is the best position to use when a man has an oversize penis.

You would learn that there are certain positions that will help you to control the situation and that you would not feel pain.

Having said the above, remember now I am not encouraging you and this man to have sex out of wedlock.

I am only saying to you that you should not be afraid of his size. Both of you should talk about the problem and seek professional advice, if necessary.

So, plan your wedding, and after you are married have great fun.


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