My boyfriend's brother tried to rape me


December 02, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 26 years old and I never thought I would write to you. I am asking for your help. I have a boyfriend. He is the only man in my life for the last three years.

My present boyfriend is a gift. He speaks well and he treats me well.

Something has happened and I want you to help me. My boyfriend has his own place. It is a two-bedroom apartment.

One day I called him and told him that I was going to go to his apartment and he said fine. He told me that his brother was spending a few days with him, but he will try and get home early.

When I got to his house, I cooked his favorite dish and then I took my shower and layed on the bed nude. He had told his brother that I would be there.

When his brother came in, he called me and I answered, but did not get up.

I fell asleep and I had my face turned to the wall. The next thing I knew I felt someone's hands removing the sheet that I had used to cover me and I looked around and it was his brother.

I asked him what he was doing. He said I looked beautiful; I told him to get out, but he did not leave.

He tried to play with me and I told him that I would tell his brother and he said he was sorry, but he always hoped that he could have sex with me.

He stood there and I was trying to keep the sheets over me, but he wouldn't let me. I told him that I would kill him. I went into my bag for a scissors and he walked out.

About an hour after, his brother came home and knew that there was something wrong with me, but I could not tell him.


To this day, I have not told him, but it is hard for me because I have to still deal with his brother from time to time.

Do you think I should have told him? I don't say anything to his brother unless my boyfriend is around and all of us are talking about politics or business.

Please tell me what I should do.


Dear P.M.,

While I understand why you did not want to tell your boyfriend what you encountered with his brother, I must let you know that you were wrong in keeping that a secret.

Now that you did not tell him, you might have to keep quiet about it for many years to come.

Can you imagine if that man had succeeded in having sex with you? What would you have done? Would you have kept silent or tell your boyfriend?

Whether you tell your boyfriend or not, you will never be able to trust this man at all.

I am saying that it is too late to tell your boyfriend now. If you try to tell him now, your boyfriend is going to ask you why you didn't tell him earlier.

And if he were to ask his brother about it, his brother would say that you are a liar and you don't like him.

He might even say that you are the one who is forcing yourself on him. So, please be careful.

Your boyfriend's brother is a good-for-nothing man. Stay away from him and be very careful whenever he is around.


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