My girlfriend lied about being sick to go out with a man


December 06, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I was having a relationship with a girl. One day she told me that her pressure was high, so she was going to the clinic to get it checked. I found out that she told me a lie because the clinic that she said she was going to was in St Mary. That very day, I went to Portland and I went into a pub to buy a drink. She was in the pub with another man. I haven't said a word to her since that day.

G. R.

Dear G.R.,

I hope that you are not still living with this woman. In fact, I hope that she had the good sense to pack her suitcase and leave. Make sure you don't touch this woman, not even to put lotion on her hands. She is not a good woman. If indeed she wasn't feeling well and wanted to go to the clinic, why didn't she return home after attending the clinic?

I am glad that you controlled yourself and didn't get into a confrontation with her and her male companion. Having this unfortunate experience may cause you to believe that all women are bad and cannot be trusted. But you know that there are some good women around. They may not be easy to find, but put your trust in God, He will help you to find one.


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