Left her because she cheated


December 08, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I have a woman and she has cheated on me, and she told me some wicked lies. Then I heard the truth from a friend and I eventually told her what I heard.

So after an argument, we broke up. I was indeed distressed. When I recovered, I started to think straight.

I even started to give some other guys advice on what happened, who seemed to be in the same situation. But some guys just don't learn.

The lies women tell are to cover their deeds.


Dear W.G.,

I am glad that you have got over what had become a shock to you, and that was that your woman had cheated on you.

Your friend evidently knew what your wife was doing. He was not lying on her, and he did not tell you about her conduct because he wanted her.

As you probably know, some men tell other men about their women, and their motive for doing so is to get the men to leave their women.

And when these men do, the news givers try to become intimate with these women. But your friend was evidently well informed and he believed that he was obligated to tell you.

It is not easy for a man to deal with the shock of having a wife who cheats, especially if he has taken care of her. He loved her, supported her, paid all the bills.

So he might even become ill after coming to realise that she cheated.

On the other hand, a man may be a good provider, but he might ignore his wife by not spending enough time with her.

Therefore, she might find comfort in the arms of another man who is quite willing to take her out and give her quality time. That type of relationship might become sexual after a while.

However, a good husband might do all he can, including spending time with his wife, but she might not be satisfied with one man in her life because she is bad.

Some women, like some men, are never satisfied with having one partner.


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