Should I tell on him?


December 10, 2016

Dear Pastor

I have a complaint. I don't know if I should tell on this guy or not. He is the son of my father's girlfriend.

He is 17 years old. I am 18 years old and this boy has no behaviour. He has a girlfriend, and when my father is not at home, and his mother is not at home, he takes her to the house and has sex with her.

I know that they are having sex because he would take her into his room and she would be there with him for a long time.

I told him that I would tell my father. That was the first time he took her to the house. He begged me not to.

The second time he brought the girl to the house, she was in her uniform and she should have been in school.

I asked her why she did not go to school and she told me some sort of stupidness. I know that they had sex that day because when I went into the bathroom, the condom had not flushed.

This girl is only 16 years old. When I told the guy that I would tell on him, he said that we are all young people so we should hold things down.

Do you think that I should say anything to my father and his girlfriend? We are not related because my father is not married to his mother.


Dear L. F.

Let me ask you this question: What would be your purpose in telling your father and stepmother that this young man brought his girlfriend to the house?

I am not saying that what the young man is doing is right, I am only asking you what would be your purpose in reporting him.

This young man should not have encouraged the young girl to leave school and come to the house. And to make it worse, she came in her uniform.

If classes were cancelled, she should have gone straight to her parents' home.

I would suggest that you make it known to this young man that you do not appreciate that he brings the girl there while you are there because if anything should go wrong, you would have to speak the truth.


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