Does he want to have sex with me?


December 13, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I'm a young lady whose focus is on my schoolwork. I like a guy. He is about five years older than I am and he likes me, too.

We are together, but it is a private relationship. He stated that he would not force me to have sex, but in his own way, he asks for it.

He says he gets sex from other girls, so I am wondering if he secretly wants it from me.

He says that he does not want to let me go after I pointed out to him that I know he wants to have sex with me. He has strong feelings for me, but I am very confused.

Pastor, please advise me as to what is best for me to do.


Dear D.J.,

I strongly suggest that you drop this young man as a friend. You know that his desire is to have sex with you.

He has suggested that both of you should have sex, but on the other hand, he has been bold enough to tell you that he gets sex from other women.

What he is trying to say to you is that he is going to be very patient with you because his sexual needs are met by other women. So he is willing to buy time, so to speak.

Face it! Even if you were to have sex with this guy, he is not going to stop having sex with other women, so please understand that this guy that you have as a friend is a player.

So end the relationship with him now. Otherwise, you may live to regret that you ever knew him.


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