Want back my money from lousy boyfriend


June 01, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am having a problem. I have a boyfriend who is 35 years old. When I met him, he told me that he was having a problem. He was behind in his rent by three months. Because I love him, I gave him money to pay two months.

I did not know that he was taken to court for child support. I am living on my own but I do not own a home. After knowing him for six months, he suggested that we live together. I did not agree.

When his birthday was coming up, I bought him a new cellular phone. It cost me $70,000. I wanted to take him out, but he said he had to work, so we did not go out.

However, the following day I wanted to take him out, but he said that he would prefer if I cook, so I did.

He was always broke and looking to me to help him out. When my birthday was coming up, I was looking to receive something from him, but he gave me nothing.

In fact, I did not hear or see him for a week. When I saw him, nothing he said made sense.

People who know him have told me that he is a rascal. I would like to know what I can do to get back the money that I have spent on him. Any suggestions?


Dear S.D.,

I do not see how you would get back the money that you have given to this man. You did not say that the money you gave him was a loan. Evidently, what you gave him were gifts. And in my opinion, you did not use common sense.

The relationship between this man and you was very young, just six months old. Yet, you spent your money to pay his rent for two months and you bought him an expensive cellular phone. I don't think you were very smart in what you did.

You have blown your money. This guy is evidently a crook. And I hope that you would have learnt from your mistakes. There are many of his type around, and girls have to be careful and not invest their money on them.


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