Husband cheated with my church sister


December 15, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am a 28-year-old American. I am married to a 43-year-old Jamaican. We have been married for seven years. He has several babymothers and many other children.

He has confessed an undying love for me since day one. But to this date, I am aware of three other women with whom he has had sexual intercourse with since our marriage.

One woman is even a member of my church. The last known affair was almost two years ago and he swears it will never happen again. We have one child together.

I have attempted to leave, but I am afraid he will try to hurt himself. I still love him, but I can no longer display intimate feelings towards him.

Sex is just plain sex. This makes him very frustrated and it hurts his feelings.

Should I stay and see if I will regain trust for him again, for the sake of our child who is six years old? Sometimes it just doesn't make sense to start all over again, so right now, I'm just trying to tough it out.


Dear A.S.,

Your husband needs all the support he can get from you. You know that he has a weakness for women and he does not hide it from you. He has told you the truth.

Your church sister who got involved with him is a worthless woman. She knew that he is your man and that both of you are married. She should not have gotten involved with him.

You said that you are afraid that he will hurt himself if you were to leave him, and you could be right. Some men cannot be satisfied with one woman, but his wife should always remain true to him and if she doesn't, he might do something stupid.

I consider you a very smart woman. I beg you, therefore, to protect yourself. When you are having sex with your husband, use a condom. He will not protest, because he knows that he has been playing around.

Regardless of how wild a man is, he will slow down. He is not going to be 'Mr Gallis' throughout his life. You are a Christian woman; continue to pray for your husband and take him to church with you.


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