My girlfriend is eager to get pregnant


January 04, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am 21 years old and I have a girlfriend. She is 23 years old. Although I am younger, I am mature. I am an electrician. Since I am in love with this girl, I have rented a one-bedroom flat and we are living together. I am a twin, so my twin brother and myself were living with our grandmother. We don't know anything about our father. My mother left us with our grandmother and went away. She got married. She only sends money for us. So, we take our grandmother as our mother.

My grandmother worked hard to support us. My girlfriend is a teacher. My grandmother has been encouraging us to live well and to live clean. She doesn't know that my girlfriend is two years older than I am. My grandmother got a house on her own.

My girlfriend wants us to get married. My grandmother says I should give myself three more years before I get married. When I said it to my girlfriend, she said by that time she would be 26, and she would want to have a child before she reaches 26. My girlfriend says that I should try and get her pregnant and then tell my grandmother that she is pregnant, so we are going to get married.

I have friends my age who have got girls pregnant. I would love to get married before I get my girlfriend pregnant. My grandmother always gives good advice to us. I don't want my girlfriend to leave me. She has been talking about going to work abroad. I want to go with her if she is going. So, please, give me your advice.


Dear F.C.,

You have a good grandmother. She has done her best to help you and your twin brother. Wonderful woman! I believe that your grandmother is more concerned about the woman with whom you are living. She accepts her, but she is not sure that this woman will be faithful to you and live in harmony with you, considering that you do not have many years of experience.

What I would suggest is that your girlfriend and you make an appointment to see a family counsellor. I do not push young men to get married too early (young). The truth, however, is that a 21-year-old man is not too young to get married. And, in your case, you say that you look more mature that your age. Your girlfriend is only two years older than you, so that is nothing to worry about. Both of you should just work together.


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