My aunt caught me having sex in her house


March 09, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I have a very embarrassing matter to relate to you. My mother died when I was 11 years old and my aunt took me to live with her because she did not have any children. My father didn't want to let me go, but my aunt asked him how he was going to support my two brothers and myself. So, my father eventually agreed.

She took me to live with her in St Catherine, then she bought a house in St Andrew and we moved there. My aunt had a male friend, but he went away. He promised that he would come back and marry her, but he never did. It took a long time for my aunt to get over him. He was good to her and he helped her to buy the house.

When he was getting married, he called her and told her and my aunt cried for days. I went to a good girls' school. My aunt has given me the best. People say we resemble each other. I call her mommy. When I lost my virginity, my aunt suspected and asked me if I was having sex. I told her no and immediately I changed my no to yes. She asked me if I voluntarily had sex with the guy and I told her yes. She never said another word. That guy and I broke up.

I graduated from university and I have a good job. When I was in university, I met a guy and I introduced him to my aunt. She told me that she likes him, but my boyfriend was afraid of her because he says she was asking him many questions.

Pastor, this is why I am so embarrassed. One Sunday, I invited my boyfriend home to have dinner and after dinner, my aunt left to attend a meeting at her church. That was about 5' o clock. Whenever she goes to these meetings, she doesn't come home early. My boyfriend and I were there alone and he suggested that we should do 'a thing' together. I agreed because I knew my aunt shouldn't be back soon.

We went into my room, but we forgot to lock the room door. While we were having sex, my aunt came home. We did not hear the car drive in. We were having serious sex, doing his favourite position. My aunt pushed the door and saw us.

I could not even move and he did not have anything to cover himself. When I saw my aunt I said, "Sorry aunty!" My boyfriend was just ejaculating and he couldn't hold it back. So my aunt saw what was happening and she closed the door.

I was too embarrassed. My boyfriend and I went to the bathroom and I got dressed and left with him. She told me the following day that since I don't have any respect and self-control, I should look for a place to live so that I can have sex whenever I want to. Well, I am still here and my aunt has not asked me when I am leaving.

I don't want to leave, because I cannot go and live with my boyfriend because he is still living with his parents. I am too ashamed to raise the matter with my aunt and to ask her if she still wants me to leave.

Please, tell me what to do.


Dear S.U.,

Your aunt got the shock of her life. She did not think that you would be having sex in her house. Evidently, she fails to understand that you are an adult and that you had a boyfriend and your boyfriend visits you, so any card can play. She also forgot that you were sexually active and she knew when you lost your virginity.

You must be blamed for what happened. This man and you were planning to have sex and yet you did not even lock the door. I am assuming that your aunt did not know that the man would still be there and that it was not her habit to knock on your room door before entering, so she just pushed the door. And to her amazement, she saw the both of you in action.

Your aunt has suggested that you find another place to live. She probably told you so because she was shocked to see you having sex with your boyfriend in her house.

I am glad that you have not packed up and left. I suggest that you go to your aunt and tell her that you are sorry for having sex with your boyfriend in her house. Tell her that you did not mean to disrespect her at all. I am sure that as a reasonable woman she would warn you and express her disappointments in you, but there is where it should end.


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