Some women are fraudsters


April 14, 2018

Dear Pastor,

In your feature, I continue to read stories about wicked women. For example, in one article, a lady boldly declared that she manipulates her husband and cheats on him. There is also the issue of women ending relationships with men after they have financed their education. In such situations, people often argue that the woman has the right to end the relationship. However, you rarely hear it being said that these women are actually fraudsters.

It is unfortunate that in Jamaica, men are encouraged to validate their worth based on their sexual prowess. Therefore, as a result, many men do not feel accomplished if they are not in a relationship with a woman. Men in Jamaica should become realistic and stop dating women who contribute nothing to the relationship. It is better for a man to invest in himself than to waste money pursuing women.


Dear J.S.,

Let me make it clear to you that nothing, absolutely nothing, is wrong if a man is in love with a woman and she says that she is in love with him, and that woman needs help to further her education and the man makes the sacrifice and helps her. She may continue the relationship or she may not. She is free to cease loving him whenever she feels like doing so. It is true that she might have used him. She may, however, say that it was a friendship with benefits and it was not intended to last forever.

On the other hand, many men have fallen in love with women and have put them through college, and these women have remained with these men after graduation and have married them. One should be careful not to condemn all women because some have got financial assistance from men and have left them after they graduated.

One cannot tell whether a relationship will last until death separates the couple. But one should be careful not to condemn anyone who ends a relationship for reasons better known to themselves. Women can assist men financially, and men can assist women financially.

Nothing is wrong if a man shares his life with a woman and if a woman shares her life with a man if they love each other.


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