Obeah men telling my husband lies about me


May 14, 2018

Dear Pastor

I've been married to my husband for six years, and I have been with him for almost eight years. As time progressed, our relationship has gone downhill. We have had many ups and downs, and with his anger problem, I am just turned off from the marriage. We live in Canada, but he goes back home to Jamaica frequently. During his visits, he is constantly going to these 'reader people'. These people are constantly putting things in his head about why certain things are happening to him. When in all honesty, all the bad luck reaching him are due to his own stupidity, and he is not listening.

Now, a reader man he recently met here in Canada has told him that I 'tie him'. My husband came home bathing in rose water and all this garbage. Then he started arguing with me and stating what I am doing to him. Meanwhile, in my head I am saying to myself that I don't even want this man anymore. Trying to hold him would be the last thing I will do. I don't do obeah. I don't go to obeah men because I believe that they are servants of the devil. He argued with me until he said he will not be eating from me nor will he sleep in our bedroom.

What should I do, Pastor? I honestly was trying to work out our marriage, but it is all going down. I can't take it anymore. I've never participated in this type of obeah thing that he is constantly accusing me of.


Dear T.A.,

What really is your husband's problem? Why does he feel that somebody is working obeah on him? You have said that whatever is happening to him is of his own doing. But, you haven't said what are the things that are happening to him? Is he in business and it is going sour? He has been to 'readers' in Jamaica and also in Canada. I can imagine how much money the man is spending to set himself free. He imagines that he is in bondage and somebody is holding him down.

You know that his mind is playing tricks with him. And the things he says are driving you further away from him. You said that you wanted to leave him, but both of you have been together for a long time. Why have you not tried to help this man? You said you wouldn't want to do anything to hold the relationship together. The question is, why not?

I would like to suggest that you do a few nice things for this man. Surprise him. Perhaps you could tell him that you would love the both of you to go out on dates. Pick nice places and don't talk about the troubles that you are having at home. Your husband is a lonely man. He wants a friend in his life. He doesn't want an enemy in his house, so please, be his friend. If you are extra kind to him, you would win him over. If you go toe to toe with him, he will continue to waste his money on people who believe in obeah, and your marriage would end in divorce.


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