Dreamt that my friend was an enemy


June 09, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I had a friend for over 60 years. Then, I started to have some dreams that pointed to her as my enemy. I asked her directly about the dreams I was having, and she told me that I was like a sister to her. She turned out to be my enemy. She was very jealous of me. I was very kind to her, but she has a wicked tongue. She would say nice things to my face, but she told wicked lies about me behind my back.


Dear C.P.,

Take heart. You considered this lady your friend, but she wasn't. You are living in the UK, so she probably said nice things whenever you were in Jamaica because it suited her. Perhaps she would get gifts from you. The Bible speaks about people who have a 'double tongue'. Such persons cannot be trusted. So, now you know that you should not consider this woman a true friend. Make sure not to say bad things about her.


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