My friend doesn't want me to talk to anyone else


June 09, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I had a good friend. We had been friends for almost six years, but she has stopped talking to me because of something trivial. One day, I was sitting down in my classroom talking to one of my classmates. She came inside and saw us talking, and I could tell that she did not like it because she and my classmate were not friends. She sat at the back of the class, but I did not take that to mean anything, so I continued to talk with my classmate.

When school ended, I turned around looking for her, but she was gone. I was wondered where she had gone because we would normally go home together. I started to search for her, but then, I decided to go home. To my surprise, I saw her walking home while I was in a taxi going home. That was when I realised that she was jealous because I was talking to my classmate. Since that day, she has been avoiding me, and I do not bother her.

Pastor, I think she is too selfish and jealous. How can she expect me to speak to only her and not have other friends? I don't think it is right for me to dislike someone just because my friend does not like them. I do not have anything against her, but if she is not speaking to me, I am not going to speak to her.


Dear J.B.,

This is childish behaviour, and I suggest that you break the ice by speaking to your girlfriend. Adolescents behave this way all the time. Please, grow up and learn to be good ladies. Try to respect yourselves and cherish good friendship.


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