Young son in love with older woman


June 12, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am 60. I have five children and I am very unhappy. One of my sons is 20 years old; he will be 21 in December.

He always likes older women and he has a girlfriend who is in her 50s. Since they became friends, I have been talking to him and telling him to get out of this relationship with her, but he would not listen.

This woman stopped by to see me and told me how much she loves him. I asked her how could she love a little boy and she told me that age does not matter when it comes to love. Age is just a number.

I am a poor woman, but my children are not suffering and none of them agree with this relationship. Now they are planning to get married.

I am talking to the boy, but he won't listen. Do you believe that it is right for this woman to take my baby away from me and planning to get married to him?


Dear E.T.,

Your baby, as you put it, is over 18. Therefore, he can do whatever he wants to do with his life. I am sure he could have got much younger women, but he has not done so.

Both of them have chosen each other and he evidently likes what she can do to him and for him, and she is excited over him.

Mother, you might not like what I have said and what I am about to say. Many people would say that you have a right to fight this issue, but at the risk of being condemned, I would say leave them alone.

This couple is a hot couple. Time will cool both of them. Keep your home open. If this woman and your son can't get along after they are married, he will come home, so be willing to take him back into your home, but don't fight them now. Let them have their way.


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