Family and planning for the future are important


June 13, 2018
Friends help you to curb stress, so make an effort to maintain your friendships. Life is better when you have people to share your existence with.

Dear Pastor,

Close relatives should not take each other to court because that type of action has a way of damaging the good relationship relatives should have with each other.

By going to court, they may tarnish reputations and eat up enormous sums of money and time. Cases such as divorce can easily be resolved by sharing with each other what the couple owns.

Child support, stealing from family members, and other things can really damage family relationships.

A woman asked me what a person did with his life when he was in his 20s, 30s and 40s if that person does not achieve anything.

Such a person places a burden on society to take care of him if he did not work hard and save for the future.

Some of these people did not set any goals in life, and sometimes goals were set, but they were never reached because the persons faced challenges in life.

Maybe these challenges caused them to give up and give in to their circumstances and they started to steal, and live on handouts.

Sometimes God may be testing a person's faith to see whether these persons faith is strong.


Dear .....,

The truth is some people live carelessly. I once cautioned a young woman who had a good job, but she was a spendthrift. And when I asked her why was she so extravagant in spending, she responded by saying "money was made to be spent".

One of her close friends earned just as much as she did, and they shared house together, but that friend saved her money and was able to buy two houses.

Eventually, she rented one and lived in the other. That was many years ago, but to this day, the other girl has not yet been able to buy a home; she is still renting and she is no more a young woman.

Many people live only for today. They overeat, they party a lot and they don't even pay much attention to their children. Some young women rely totally on men to survive, and some young men don't have any ambition either.

They prey on women. They don't believe in working hard. They are wicked and good for nothing. Some men encourage their women to hit the streets and sell their bodies to support their family.

Recently, a woman came by my office begging for a couple of hundred dollars to purchase something to eat because her man didn't bring in any money. He works as a pimp.

He beats her and she always has to be hustling on the road. But she is still living with him.

Now, who is going to take care of this woman when she is old? Who would take care of the man when he is in his 60s and 70s?


Both are likely to live on the street and then people would blame the government and say the government should do something about those who are poor and living on the street. Is this the society we want to have?

We have enough lands in Jamaica to occupy every man and woman who is capable of working. It is time for people to stop pointing their fingers at politicians and blaming the party in power for not providing jobs.

Thank God for the hard-working men and women who get up early in the morning and take care of their children and their hardworking husbands too.

Power to all these men who would rather go hungry and use the money to send their children to school. I hail all children who do not abandon their parents after they have got an education and their parents are old.

We need to strengthen families. There are two great institutions on Earth, and they are the family and the church.

Family members must not fight each other, but help each other, and the church will ever remain strong because its founder and builder is God.

When family members cannot get along, they should seek the help of the church. The court should be the last resort.


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