Woman taking my son for a clown


June 13, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am a concerned mother. I have five children, three are married and two are not. They are wonderful children. I had them for three different men.

I remember when I got pregnant for the first time, I was so embarrassed because the man who got me pregnant was twice my age and I was still going to school.

My father was a very prominent man, so he sent me to stay with an aunt and was hoping that nobody would know.

I stayed there, and when I had the baby I went back home, but I was crying all the time because I wanted to be with my baby.

My father told me to go for the baby, and I went and took the baby home. Everybody was excited and loved the baby.

Six months after, I met a guy in my age group and he told me that he would take care of me. We became friends.

I told him I wanted to go back to school, but before I could go back to school, he got me pregnant. We didn't talk about my going back to school again.

This guy left Jamaica and went abroad and didn't call me often. He sent money for his child, but he sent it through his mother.

My first child's father started to have a relationship with me again, and until now he is the best man I have had in my life.

He got married because after I had got pregnant with my second child, he found a girlfriend and married her. But he said his love for me was very strong.

I became involved with another man and he gave me three children. My concern is with my last son. He is so simple when it comes to women.

I don't know what is happening to him. Every one of them fooled him. He is paying rent for one of them and this girl is cheating on him.

Whenever my son goes to visit her and he leaves, another man goes to the house and does not leave until early the next day. People told me about it.

My son does not like to hear me talk about it. Now I have been told that she is pregnant, and she said the child is his.

One night his brother went with him to the house and pretended that they had gone home. After midnight, a car pulled up and from where they were hiding, they could see everything.

The woman opened the door for the man and both of them left in his car. Now my son is saying that the child might not be his, but he still goes there even though I told him not to go.

I am really concerned because I don't want anything to happen to my son. This girl is very good-looking and she has nice shape, but the other man she is seeing is in a much better position than my son.

I told him to ask her where she went that night, and she said that she did not go anywhere.

So she is a liar, but he is still with her. I am very concerned about my son because it looks like she has tied my son to her.


Dear V.L.,

This woman has not tied your son to her and it is time to stop talking nonsense. This woman has another man with him for sure, and she is having sex with both men.

She tells your son what he wants to hear and because he would not listen to anybody, he is going to get hurt.

Your son evidently does not have a car. This man has a car and is a businessman. Your son should confront the woman.

He should let her know that he and his brother saw her lover on that particular night. She is a liar and he should stop visiting her.

But he should also tell her that he will not accept paternity of the child after she has given birth. A DNA test has to be done.

Before I go, let me just say to you, mother, that you can only try your best to advise your son, but when some men love women and the women are bad, it is not easy to convince the men to leave the women, especially if these women are good in bed.


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