Lousy boyfriend owes me money


June 14, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am writing you this letter for your advice and tears are flowing down my face. I have a boyfriend.

When I met him I was going with another guy, but the other guy wasn't treating me right. Sometimes for weeks I didn't see him, and whenever I saw him, he told me all different types of stories.

He told me in November of last year that he had to work every day, so during Christmas I did not see him, but we talked on the phone.

I asked him for my Christmas present, and he told me that when he saw me in January he would give that to me.

In January, he told me that he was in a financial jam so he was begging me to give him a loan of $20,000. I sent him the money and I didn't see him in January.

He showed up in April to tell me that the relationship between us can't work because he got a girl pregnant. This is the man who caused me to break up with the other guy. I want back the money from him but he doesn't have it.

Pastor, tell me what to do.


Dear T.M.,

Write him a letter and demand your money. Give him a certain time to pay you the money and if he doesn't, sue him. He is a wicked liar.

The girl who is pregnant for him evidently had a relationship with him for a long time, and the reason why you couldn't see him around for months is because he had to spend time with her.

You don't have to have a lawyer to sue this man. When you go to court, just tell the magistrate the truth and you will get your money out of him.


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