Weird News


December 28, 2015

Sainsbury's has found that families can make their Christmas leftovers into delicious meals for up to four days.

Christmas is a time for festive thriftiness and over a third of savvy shoppers consciously buy more food pre-Christmas to ensure they have leftovers for the week ahead.

But almost half save money by making extra meals out of Christmas leftovers, and new research launched last week by Sainsbury's revealed that 84 per cent of the UK population can use leftovers from their Christmas dinner for up to four days to create new meals during the festive period.

Spiced turkey and sweet potato samosas, Brussels sprouts with crEme fraOche, parmesan, parsley and crisp bacon, and Christmas pudding and brandy sundae are some of the festive recipes that can be found at

A young mother has turned to pornography in order to earn money to give her son an extravagant Christmas.

Megan Clara, 20, has spent the last year making explicit adult films to rack up some extra cash so she could buy five-year-old Ashton some lavish presents. Megan, from Portsmouth, Hampshire, told the Metro newspaper: "Last Christmas I could barely scrape any money

together, it was really tough and I couldn't help but worry Ashton was going to be left out and disappointed."

The single mum, who survived on just PS80 a week, only managed to scrape together PS100 for Ashton's presents last year but, after raking in PS500 per scene over the last 12 months, has splashed out almost PS1,500 this time around. She added: "My son has always been high maintenance and never seemed happy with the Christmas presents I could afford. He has always wanted what his friends had, but I didn't have the spare cash for expensive toys." And, although Megan has been slapped with backlash about her raunchy career path, she's branded people who criticise her decision to make sexy films for money as "jealous." She said: "People say he's spoilt but he's not, he's my only son and I finally have the money to get him really nice things. I do glamour modelling and sex films, I enjoy what I do and I'm not hurting anyone else, some people are just jealous. I can spend my money how I like, too. I don't spend it on alcohol, drugs or smoking, why shouldn't I spend it on Ashton and myself."

A woman allegedly battered her husband for farting in bed.

Dawn Meikle, 55, has been charged with domestic battery after she persistently elbowed and kicked Donald Meikle, before striking him with pepper spray, after he continued to pass wind while she was trying to get some shut-eye. Donald, who suffered eight-inch-deep scratches along his chest, attempted to restrain his wife for his own safety and, consequently, Dawn's "lip was inadvertently split open." Dawn was later taken to the St Lucie County jail in Florida by police and charged, according to news station WPTV.

A thieving Santa Claus attempted to snatch cash from a KFC restaurant in Derbyshire recently.

The armed robber, dressed as the famous festive figure in his red suit and matching hat, left staff fearing for their life when he clambered through the fast-food chain's drive-through window and

demanded money while holding a knife. Joshua Smith, a former employee, took to his Twitter account to announce the criminal was waving the weapon around in a bid to gain access to safe in the "terrifying" raid. He wrote: "Thoughts with everyone at KFC Alfreton. Must've been terrifying. Worked with some incredible people there few moons ago, wish them all well." He then clarified his tweet by adding: "A man, dressed as Santa, entered via the drive-thru window and threatened all staff with a knife to gain access to the safe." Police have described the man as 5ft 10inches tall and of a stocky build, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper. The crime took place at about 10:30 p.m. in Alfreton and police are appealing for witnesses to come forward to help with their ongoing investigation. It's not known if the criminal managed to get any cash.