Weird News


December 29, 2015

A woman has admitted to biting off her husband's ear after arguing over a pint of beer - but can't remember doing it.

Jamie Elrod was caught by police on the scene after the crime took place, and her partner later told police that she "went off at him" over an alcoholic drink. After conducting a scan of the area, cops found a chunk of Jamie's ear on the floor dripping in blood. However, asked how it got there, the accused had no recollection of chewing the body part off.

Elrod later admitted to the crime while speaking on a phone from a prison cell in Sterns, Minnesota, USA Today reports.

A Christmas pudding made 45 years ago has been found in a house - but it is still as 'delicious' as ever.

The traditional dessert - created from fruit, breadcrumbs, and brandy - was originally made for a festive wedding in 1969 but laid untouched until it was discovered by a

family clearing out a late relative's kitchen in Nottingham recently. Despite the four and a half decades that have passed since it was baked, the alcohol-based pudding proved it still packs a punch after scientists from the University of Nottingham's microbiology department tested to see if it was still edible.

Professor Christine Dodd, from the university, said: "It was a little dry but had a very good flavour. It was sealed in a traditional way and looks fine."

Seven turtles at SEA LIFE Blackpool were fed Brussel sprouts as a special treat on Christmas Day.

The hard-shell reptiles at the marine centre in the seaside resort certainly didn't miss out on the traditional festive dinner this year as staff at the marine centre hand-fed them the mini green cabbages. SEA LIFE Blackpool General Manager Rachel Sipes said: "They know as soon as they see us with the sprouts that it's Christmas. It's lovely to watch them all tucking in."

And the turtles weren't the only creatures in for a treat this year as the 19 tropical sharks were dished up top-quality salmon and

mackerel, rather than their usual daily diet of whiting and squid.

Rachel Sipes added: "We like to make a fuss of the beautiful aquatic creatures on Christmas Day because they are very much part of the family here. It's great to see how much they enjoy the day, and especially their favourite food. They might not recognise Santa, but they

definitely know it's Christmas."

Students from Texas A&M University built a shrine and held a funeral for a cockroach.

Professor Michael Alvard shared a photo of the memorial, a pink paper grave stone with "RIP Rosie Roach" on it and blue matt with the dead insect splattered across it. Alongside the photo posted on Facebook, he wrote: "There has been a dead cockroach in the Anthropology building's stairwell for at least two weeks. Some enterprising person has now made her a little shrine. (sic)"