Weird News


January 02, 2016

A French power station is using cheese to generate electricity.

The plant in Albertville, Savoie, is using the skimmed whey, a by-product of Beaufort cheese, to create power, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reports.

Francois Decker of Valbio, the company behind the project, said: "Whey is our fuel. It's quite simply the same as the ingredient in natural yoghurt."

A group of captive polar bears got a Christmas surprise, when they were given 26 tonnes of snow. The Artic residents who reside at San Diego Zoo were treated to the snowy gift to mark the festive period, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reports.

Zookeeper Susan Purtell said: "They dig great big holes to lay in and certainly roll around in the snow.

"They've also been digging through the snow to try to find items."

A couple are letting strangers control their Christmas lights.

Ken and Rebecca-Ellen Woods, who live in Fairbanks, Alaska, have set up a specific website to let random people on the Internet turn their festive lights on and off, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reports.

Mr Woods said: "The very first year we did it, we did one string of lights on the tree.

"It was cool, but then we added a web cam pointing at the tree and then (interest) blew up. A week into it, my wife turned to me and said, 'Next year these are going outside'. It was super annoying in the middle of the night.

"You would not believe the number of people who sit for hours and turn the lights on and off."

A man dressed as Santa attempted to rob a fast-food restaurant. The unnamed robber allegedly threatened staff at a branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Alfreton, Derbyshire, whilst dressed as Father Christmas, demanding cash of them, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reports.

Former employee Joshua Smith wrote on Twitter: "Thoughts with everyone at KFC Alfreton. Must've been terrifying. Worked with some incredible people there few moons ago; wish them all well.

"A man, dressed as Santa, entered via the drive thru window and threatened all staff with a knife to gain access to the safe. (sic)"

The police are appealing for information.