Weird News


January 05, 2016

A woman eats Christmas dinner every day. Jayne Winteringham from Bristol, southwest England, has eaten a roast dinner every day since her children moved out in 2000, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports.

She said: "I have a Christmas dinner every day. I love roasts. I'm always eating them...summer, winter; all year round. Friends probably think I'm bonkers, but a roast is a balanced meal - meat and three veg. I never put weight on. I'm the same size as I was when I was 18 - a size 10. I'm still in the same jeans and only weigh 9st 8lb. It's probably the roasts that are keeping me in shape, as I always have the same calories. I don't fluctuate."

A man got his lorry wedged into a petrol station on his first day in the job.

The unnamed man was driving his Devonshire Pine vehicle into a petrol station in North Devon but failed to read the height restrictions and it got stuck under the roof, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reports.

Rick Wall, a local taxi driver who witnessed the event, said: "It was a good four feet wedged into the station, the top part of the sign had been smashed. The driver just looked bemused - I heard it was his first day on the job as an agency driver, he obviously didn't read or see the sign that showed the height restriction.

"You would think someone driving a lorry that big would check all the signs. That can't have been a good first day."

A man has spent PS2 million celebrating Christmas every day.

Andy Park from Melksham, Wiltshire, used to eat 25 mince pies and a full turkey each day but has been forced to stop after his doctor warned he is at risk of developing heart disease, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports. He said: "It's going to be tough, but I have to stop. My daughter says it's ruining my life and I'll end up penniless, obese and alone.

"I haven't had a girlfriend since this all started. I did go on a date a few years ago. It was all going well until I invited her back to my house. It was August and I had my decorations up."

A dog owner spends PS5,000 on her pampered pooch.

Emma Buttarazzi has revealed she has spent the hefty sum on Christmas gifts for her Chinese crested dog, Prince, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports.

She said: "Nothing is too good for Prince and I love to spoil him at Christmas. He's one of the family. My favourite items are a little Santa suit and tuxedo. He looks so charming in it. He loves a bit of bling. He's a metrosexual."