Weird News


January 07, 2016

Parts of Rome came to a standstill when droppings from birds which had been binging on olives forced roads to close.

Heavy downpours washed droppings left by millions of starlings from trees on to the streets below and authorities had to close the roads. Combined with rotting leaves, the poo formed a slimy 'olive' slick which reportedly led to car and motorcycle accidents. Authorities were concerned for the safety of citizens and shut several roads on the banks of the Tiber for most of Saturday while refuse workers attempted to hose the streets down.

A zoo in Prague claims it is home to the world's longest Chinese salamander currently alive.

The keepers at Prague Zoo in the Czech Republic received the ginormous animal, Karlo, just over a year and a half ago from the State Museum of Natural History in Karlsruhe, Germany, and says that it currently measures 1.58 metres in length, Yahoo! News reports.

The largest salamander ever to have lived is said to have measured 1.8 metres length.

A bearded dragon was saved from certain death after he was dumped in a bin.

Driver Steve Bissett - who works for Somerset Waste Partnership in Bridgwater - found the poor creature in some recycling he was collecting and took him back to the depot, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports. He said: "I did knock on the door of the house where the box was, but they said it was nothing to do with them. We put him in a cardboard box with some newspaper. He was alive but cold and hardly moving. We called him Iggy Pop, and took him back to our depot. It is about the strangest thing I have ever found in a recycling box."

The lucky animal was taken to Secret World Wildlife Rescue centre.

Firefighters had to rescue a 200-pound pet pig.

The Atlanta Fire Department was called to help the two-year-old animal, named Rick 'Bacon' Ross, after he fell into the hole, CNN News reports.

Sixteen people helped to get the huge animal out of the predicament, with one of the firefighters remarking that it was the first time in his memory that the department had rescued a pig.