January 15, 2016


BEAUTIFUL: Carter gave Zende his two cents about making the most of being single. Bill, Katie and Brooke continued to overlook any tension at work. Quinn blindsided Wyatt with some unexpected news about Deacon. Steffy crossed the line with Liam with her unfounded accusations. Sasha overheard talk about a new modelling position available at Forrester.

Quinn took advantage of an opportunity to make Wyatt and Steffy realise that they were perfect together. Bill tried his best to keep his distance from Brooke so he wouldn't cheat on Katie. Distraught by the callous message she received from Liam, Steffy found comfort in Wyatt's arms. An anxious Quinn had her hands full, while juggling several schemes in the name of family.

Watch For: Former lovers continue to battle their suppressed feelings. A bad memory becomes reality again for a woman once scorned. A conquered fear helps mend a broken heart.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Victor confided in Maggie about his twisted history with Deimos. Shawn returned to Salem at Claire's request. John came face to face with his mother. Steve confronted Ava about working with Joey. Rafe and Hope shared an unexpected kiss. John got some long-sought answers about his past.

AndrE made a disturbing discovery at the mansion. Things heated up between Belle and Philip during a trip to Las Vegas. John found himself in a dangerous situation after a stunning betrayal. Ciara questioned if Hope was falling for Rafe. Gabi and JJ shared their first kiss. Nicole learned that Brady had been dreaming about her. AndrE told Chad about his shocking theory.

Watch For: Steve confronts Ava after Kayla goes missing. AndrE uncovers Hope's secret. Abigail doesn't agree with Chad's suggestion on where they should live.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Dante was disappointed when he discovered that Lulu played a role in Val's abduction. Robert introduced Anna to a familiar face. Olivia and Mayor Lomax faced off over a sensitive and personal issue. Nina was inspired by Olivia's passion. Sam offered to help Jason figure out who broke into Elizabeth's home. Sonny offered Morgan a new job. Kiki used her sway with Ava to help Sonny.

Hayden was torn by her feelings for Nikolas. Curtis defied Jordan's demands. Jason had a significant memory. Laura encouraged her daughter to fight for her marriage. Dante searched his soul over whether he could ever forgive Lulu. Jake's drawings revealed a very dark and troubled side to him. Sonny made a breakthrough, but kept it to himself. Nikolas took a big step.

Watch For: Hayden steps out of her comfort zone. Robert and Anna get closer to finding Carlos. Max tells Sonny the

reality behind Ava's business.


RESTLESS: Nick was concerned when Sharon informed him that Dr Anderson wanted to decrease her meds. Dylan accepted Paul's offer to join the GCPD, but Sharon worried about his safety. Natalie arrived in Genoa City to reconnect with Kevin, but Kevin quickly

suspected that he was being conned. Billy tried to remember details of his accident and wondered if Adam was responsible.

Nick warned Sharon that she was putting too much trust in her doctor. Shortly thereafter, Sage began digging into Dr Anderson's past. Jack told Phyllis that he blamed himself for Billy's condition. Mariah feared that Natalie was attracted to Kevin. Noah told Victor that he couldn't handle the pressure and was going to confess to hitting Billy. Chelsea wondered if Sharon was insecure about Dylan's new career.

Watch For: Ashley worries about Simon's treatment plan. Hilary confronts Nikki about her relationship with Neil. Marisa makes a confession to Chelsea.