ASYCUDA for bonded warehouses


January 18, 2016

As of today, all private bonded warehouses for motor vehicles will be mandated by the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) to do their import entries through the Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA).

Commissioner of Customs, Major Richard Reese, said the ASYCUDA World Customs project has now completed implementation with respect to all non-commercial cargo imports and the Sufferance Wharves.

"We will commence the piloting of the authorised Economic Operator Importers, and in respect of private-bonded warehouse operators who import new and used cars, they will be 100 per cent compliant," he said.

freezone imports

Reese said the JCA will also commence phasing for it to be mandatory for commercial cargo shipments to use the system and before the end of January, it will start the piloting for freezone imports and trans-shipments.

Full implementation of the ASYCUDA project should be completed in March this year. Prior to the project being completed, the JCA will begin implementation of the Electronic Trade Window, which features electronic application for permits and licence for the range of ministries, departments and agencies.

The ASYCUDA, being implemented through a US$4 million (J$482,343,760) loan from the Inter-American Development Bank, is a web-based application to improve efficiency at the agency by integrating business processes into a digital platform. This is expected to allow the JCA to provide accurate and real time data to the Ministry of Finance and Planning as well as Tax Administration Jamaica and the Statistical Institute of Jamaica.