Weird News


January 19, 2016

A Filipino man has a world record for the most candles extinguished by farting.

Ronald Cabanas, 28, "pushed the outer limits of flatulence" when he achieved a farting-feat and snuffed out five flames in the village of Barangay Camandag, in less than 30 seconds.

A video has emerged online of the incident which shows Ronald lying on his back in the 'happy baby' yoga position, holding a pipe to his posterior and using just his bubbling bowls to blow out the candles. The record was logged with, an adjudicating agency that allows people to submit their own wacky world records.

A gang of bears chased after a food truck in India.

Animal sanctuary

workers were delighted to spot nine of its rescue bears lolloping excitedly along the road as the drivers of the delivery pulled away.

Footage shared by The International Animal Rescue on Wednesday features the group of sloth bears - many of which were previously forced to perform on the streets - running in unison with their noses up, as a worker from the sanctuary can be heard laughing in the background. It was assumed that the excited bunch couldn't bear the wait of more food.

A catfish impaled a tourist in her stomach.

The woman was swimming at a Brazilian beach during her vacation, and was given a holiday memory she'll never forget, after a bony whisker from the fish stabbed her fleshy abdomen and became embedded. The victim ran out of the ocean screaming for help and was treated by ambulance crew.

One of the paramdeics, Marcelo Araujo Tamada, posted photographs of the catfish spines stuck in the woman's belly on Facebook and the marine animal looked just as surprised as she did.

A man cut his head open during a dance-off to Wham! hit Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.

Ironically, it could have resulted in concussion for Tom Burns, 49, who threw some dangerous shapes on a night out with his wife Libby, 41. Whilst enjoying the evening of '80s music down his local pub, Tom tripped over his own feet and cracked his head against a table leg. Not one to be kept down, Tom apparently tried to hop back up and continue in the groove at The Pear Tree in Keyworth, UK.