Trainee pilot escapes death


January 20, 2016

A trainee pilot escaped death when her plane failed. Danielle Lagree was with her tutor in Los Angeles when the plane's engine stopped working, and she made the quick decision to land on a busy highway, the Daily Star newspaper reports.

She said: "We saw the cable lines, and we thought we were going to hit them, but we went right over them.

"Thank God all the cars stopped, except for one guy - he went right underneath us."

A man has designed a death roller coaster. Julijonas Urbona has drawn up plans for the ride which would cause death due to the extreme levels of G-force, the Metro Newspaper reports.

Not an advocate of euthanasia himself, the PhD student at Royal College of Art, London, said: "It [euthanasia] is executed in an extremely boring fashion. Proposing 'humane' voluntary death could be more meaningful, personal, ritualistic."

A group of 270 dog owners have broken the world record for the biggest dog yoga session.

The participants in Hong Kong were asked to bring their pets along to their yoga class so they can help the pooches to relax through massages and stretches, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports.

Teacher Suzette Ackerman said: "I think it's important. I think today they had fun. And people in Hong Kong are very busy with work - like 24/7 working. A lot of them have pets, but usually, it's the helpers that take the dogs out for walks.

"You have at least an hour when you are connecting with your pet. It's just you and your pet. There's no TV in between, there's no people calling you up, or Internet or Facebooking halfway."


Sainsbury's ComFit Food campaign transforms meals into healthy treats.

Research shows that two-thirds of us spend almost a full day extra on the sofa at the start of the year, and despite the fact that 70 per cent of us want to be healthier, many of us struggle when it comes to improving our food options.

Now Sainsbury's has created ComFit recipes which substitute ingredients for more healthy options, such as their avocado chocolate mousse recipe.

Susi Richards, head of Product Development at Sainsbury's, says: "As part of the latest Twist your Favourites campaign, these ComFit foods include one little twist to transform mid-week meals. The dishes all have elements of excitement and experimentation, but still utilise everyday store cupboard ingredients in a healthy way."

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