Racquel Jones impresses Thievery Corporation - Records more songs with EDM group

February 03, 2016
Contributed Racquel Jones and members of Thievery Corporation

Recording artiste Racquel Jones has reportedly made quite the impression on EDM group Thievery Corporation. The 26-year-old roots-reggae singer braved the recent blizzard that hit the east coast of the United States to fly to Washington, DC, where she met up with the group and created a great first impression.

The news gets even better because the former Miss Jamaica Universe contestant revealed that greater things are in store for her. "There is not much that I am allowed to say right now, but just know that a relationship has been cemented between Thievery Corporation and Racquel Jones," said the extremely excited singer.

The artiste, who is in the embryonic stages of her recording career, had flown to the US expecting to record one track with the group but got a lot more than she bargained for.

"The sessions were creatively intense. I spent five days in the studio," a thrilled Jones revealed about the sessions with TC. "The initial agreement was that it was supposed to be one song, but the energy was so great we ended up with three songs."

The Wonder When singer said she also discovered the enormous impact that reggae music has on the world stage. "It was amazing to see the influence of my culture and reggae music on others; everything about them depicts their fascination about reggae. From the decor of the studio to the sound of their music to the studio conversations we had, I felt right at home in the amazing creative atmosphere they created."

The singer, who is near releasing the hot new video for her new single, Regret It, said she felt honoured and humbled to have been given an opportunity to be part of the experience.

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