Carnival Pon Di Road explodes in Mandeville


March 18, 2016
Contributed The jungle dancers take centre stage
Contributed The jungle dancers put on a great show for patrons
Contributed The 'Party Animal' Kurt Riley takes on a female patron
Contributed Revellers enjoying the power section of the event
Contributed These lovely ladies enjoy their giveaways from Appleton Special and Digicel
Contributed Erica Williams (left), J Wray and Nephew Limited's Brand Manager poses with Sponsorship Executive for Digicel, Sandra Ledgister.
Contributed The jungle dancers strike a pose before going on stage
Contributed A section of the crowd
Contributed Miss Kitty and ZJ Sparks strike a pose with tourists who came on stage during Appleton Special and Digicel's Carnival Pon Di Road in Mandeville last Friday

Willowgate car park in Mandeville, Manchester, exploded in vivid colour during last Friday's powder-infused leg of the Digicel and Appleton Special's Carnival Pon Di Road series.

With almost double the patrons from last year's staging, revellers could not get enough of the antics of ZJ Sparks and Miss Kitty, who kept the massive crowd going with superb entertainment. Kurt Riley was not to be outdone and kept the soca vibes going late into the night. To the delight of the carnival lovers, the jungle dancers took to the stage in full form, eliciting cheers with their choreographed moves. With give aways from both Appleton Special and Digicel, partygoers enjoyed the night's revelry and transformed the normally quiet town into a high-energy powder-strewn fete. Digicel & Appleton Special's Carnival Pon Di Road makes its next stop in Montego Bay tonight, at Old Hospital, Bottom Road.

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