Now retired - Alan Magnus plans to sleep for a month

March 31, 2017
Restaurant Manager at Burger King Ocho Rios, Mavis Lawrence, being interviewed by Alan Magnus
Restaurant manager at Burger King Ocho Rios, Mavis Lawrence seized her photo opportunity with Alan.
Taking pictures of the Mad Nut.
Alan signs photos for a fan.
Winnifred Thomas has to get her photo taken before Magnus could interview Dennis 'Bully Cat' Gordon.


On the last outside broadcast from Ocho Rios, Radio Jamaica's perennial morning show host Alan Magnus was showered with love from an appreciative crowd that came from far and near to wish him well as he exits morning radio after more than 40 years.

Magnus will be signing off from radio today, after a long and distinguished career.

On Wednesday when Magnus stopped at Burker King, Ocho Rios as part of his farewell tour, he was swarmed by adoring fans.

"It was a really beautiful morning. The people came out from so many different places, some with nothing, they just took a bus or taxi to come by to say hi and 'bye," Magnus later told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"The wishes were, you know, really good and I felt good. I really felt good about it all and I want to thank all of them for everything that happened this morning," he added.

Magnus has been at RJR since 1971, and has become a part of the lives of countless Jamaicans whose homes he entered via the airways.

When asked what's next for him, Magnus jokingly replied: "Sleep for a month at least."

"Seriously, take a long rest for a while. It's been a long while, I need some (rest) so the first thing I'm going to do is lock off all radios nearby me and sleep."

As he walked away from the adoring crowd, heading back to his car to begin his journey back to Kingston, one woman was heard saying to a female companion beside her, "Lawd gad, mi love him!"

And before Magnus could reach his car, a dreadlocked man approached him for a photo, saying, "Mi a beg the I a picture, seen?"

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